Call for Papers

42nd ISMS Marketing Science Conference will not be held onsite.
Further details on virtual conference will be coming soon.

Hosted by: Duke University Fuqua School of BusinessFuqua School of Business Science Drive Entrance

Conference Co-Chairs: Carl Mela and Richard Staelin

The ISMS Marketing Science Conference is an annual event that brings together leading marketing scholars, practitioners, and policymakers with a shared interest in rigorous scientific research on marketing problems.

This year there will be three types of submissions:

General Submission

Author(s) can submit a paper for general acceptance and, if accepted, have the Conference personnel assign the paper to a particular session. An author can present only one paper during the conference, although they can be listed as a co-author in other general submissions.  Note that based on the number of submissions, some general paper submissions may be directed to the poster session. Consequently we ask that you note if you are willing to give the paper as a poster if there is a capacity constraint. Submission deadline has been extended to  February 23, 2020.

Special Sessions

Researchers  are encouraged to get together beforehand and put a special session featuring three or four papers around a specific topic. All the papers in such sessions will be accepted assuming the special session is accepted. Submission deadline has been extended to February 23, 2020. To submit a special session to the INFORMS  platform you need to contact Ellen Tralongo at or 1-443-757-3592, and she will set you up as a chairperson. This will allow you to invite your presenters to enter their abstract.

Poster Session

Authors, whose papers are still in the early phase of development, or who are looking for one-on-one feedback, are encouraged to submit papers specifically in this category. Papers submitted for this session will be presented Thursday evening along with the reception.

In addition, if too many papers are submitted for the general submission sessions, the Conference personnel may assign some of the papers to the Poster Session. Submission deadline has been extended to  February 23, 2020.