Program Overview

The conference has passed. To view recorded presentations and posters, log in to INFORMS with the email you registered and conference password.

The schedule below is intended to provide an overview of the general content and the flow of the conference. There are multiple ways of getting detailed information on the program. A schedule of the specific sessions by day within a given track can be viewed by using the drop down menu. It can also be viewed on INFORMS Conference Itinerary Builder. Finally, participants can find the full schedule along with the abstracts under the tab of downloadable files.

Note: We recently added two special event venues with the hope that they will lead to more social interaction among the participants. We realize that these venues cannot completely replicate face-to-face interaction, but we hope that it will allow participants to better discuss a broad range of topics, from what is going on in one’s life to detailed discussions of current research. We encourage you to use both the lounge and the coffee chats and “meet” your fellow participants. (Carl and Rick)